Trail Racing Disclaimer!!This is a trail race! You will have rocks, nature, roots, birds, trees, dirt, bugs, maybe a snake, and a good time! You will not have traffic, chip timing, sidewalks, expos, or haters. We say this is 5K (ish) and 10 mile (ish) because your Garmin, GPS, or magic wand may not give you an accurate distance, or maybe we made this race just the right length for you to see all of the most beautiful parts of this park. If you got less mileage than you thought for this race, please run some more! If you went a little longer than you expected, you got your money's worth! Everyone is running the same course!

Where: James H. (Sloppy) Floyd State Park
2800 Sloppy Floyd Lake Road
Summerville, GA 30747
Chattooga County       


When: September 14, 2019         Both Races will begin at 9:00am    


Places to stay: Sloppy Floyd State Park!                         

This race is limited to the first 200 entrants

Registration Opens, May 10, 2019

Registration Closes September 4, 2019

Awards: There are no age groups. This is a flat out race!

Male- First, Second, Third

Female - First, Second, Third

Male Masters (Over 40)

Female Masters (Over 40)

The 5K and 10 mile courses will begin at the same time, with each race starting their course in opposite directions. PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGN DIRECTIONS TO STAY ON YOUR COURSE! Volunteers will be placed at intersections to help guide you in the right direction.

5K Course:

Runners will head towards the Marble Mine Trail, to Marble Mine then down towards the lake trail and on to the Primitive Campsite Trail. Map will be posted soon.

Click here to see a general course map and elevation profile

10 Mile Course:

Runners will head towards the lower lake via the paved service road (sorry, but it's not much!) and in to the campsites, through the Blueberry Trail and out towards Jenkins Gap Parking Lot where you will turn left towards the upper lake. Runners will make their way to the Marble Mine before the climb to Becky's Bluff. At the top of Becky's Bluff runners will take a left back towards the Marble Mine Trail and all the way down off the ridge. Once down the ridge runners will take a right and head towards the upper lake once again until the Pioneer Campsite Trail taking a left, and once off the pretty single track through the woods a right towards Jenkins Gap Parking Lot to retrace your way back through the campsites and the lower lake. Map will be posted soon.

Click here to see a general course map and elevation profile

Aide Stations:

Each race will see multiple aide stations with excited volunteers. 5K race will pass through two, and the 10 milers will pass five aide stations. Water and Gatorade will be available at all and bananas, crackers, and other trail fare the top of the ridge and one near the upper lake.

Packet Pick Up

Packet pick up will be available from 5:00pm-7:00pm at Shelter #3 on Friday, September 13th. Race day packet pick up will start at 7:30am through 8:30am at Shelter #3. Shelter #3 is located across the bridge from the Park Office. You can also get there by taking the first left as you enter the park. Stay to the left, and park where you can see the bridge at the lake.

Rules of the Race

Do NOT litter! There will be many aide stations with strategically placed trash cans. THIS IS NOT A ROAD RACE! Use the cans or carry your trash with you. If we catch you littering in the park we will take your picture and post it on social media to shame you!

Thank the volunteers!

Be courteous and helpful to your fellow racers. Never leave an injured runner until help arrives.