The 2020 Twisted Ankle Trail Races will follow the same 5K and 10-Mile courses as they have had since 2017. Please keep in mind that there will be NO aid stations and NO volunteers on the course. 

  • All 5K runners will be following red course markers

  • All 10-Mile runners will be following blue course markers

  • There is yellow flagging throughout the course. These markers are for both races to keep you on course. Side trails will not be closed. When you see a yellow flag, that means to stay on that trail.... follow the flags! You should not go more than 1/4 of a mile without seeing some type of course marker, be it a flag or an arrow. If you stop seeing course markers, go back to the last place you remember seeing one and read it from the direction that you were coming from. You should also have your course map on hand! 


5 K Course Directions

  From the Start/Finish line at the end of the bridge (you can't miss the                   banners!) runners will head towards the Marble Mine Trail, to MarbleMine,       down to Jenkins Gap Parking Lot, towards the lake trail and right on to the Primitive Campsite Trail. Out of the Campsite Trail you will go left and back to     the trail you ran on from the Start/Finish. 

  Click here for the course map 

10-Mile Course Directions

From the Start/Finish line at the end of the bridge (you can't miss the banners!) runners will run to a T, and turn left towards the parking area. Carefully follow the painted arrows on the asphalt down to the entrance and turn left. Roads will not be closed, be aware and run against traffic! You will turn right at the office, and another right up the gravel drive beside the office. Continue on the road, around the lower lake, and across the levee. Keeping the lake to your left, you will take a right before the foot bridge and up to the campgrounds. Stay to your right through the campground until you come to the "Blueberry Thicket Trail" which will dump you back on to the road where you will take a right. Head down the hill, and once to the main road you will turn left. Be aware of traffic! First gravel road on your right is Jenkins Gap Parking Lot. At the parking lot on your left is a trail that leads to the Lake Trail, once at the lake, look left and head to the woods, lake will be on your left. You will continue on the Lake Trail as it brings you on to Marble Mine Trail. Once at the foot of Marble Mine, go straight up hill to the Marble Mine. At Marble Mine stay right which will bring you to a T and you will turn right heading downhill. You will come to a T. This is VERY IMPORTANT! The first time you see this intersection you will turn right and head UPHILL to Becky's Bluff. At the top, you will turn left again. You are on the Pinhotti Trail for about 0.5 mile. You will take another left to head back down the hill. If you miss this turn, you will go for miles and miles!! At the bottom of the hill you will come to the VERY IMPORTANT T intersection again. This time, you will take a right. You will be going DOWNHILL. At the bottom of the hill, you will take a right and come to the Marble Mine intersection again. This time you stay left (do not go back up Marble Mine!) and you head towards the Upper Lake Trail again, this time, the lake is on your right. You will take a left towards the Primitive Campgrounds. At the end of the Primitive Campground Trail, you will turn right towards Jenkins Gap Parking Lot. At the parking lot, you will turn left, and then a left back on to the main road. Turn right towards the campground. You will follow the same way that you came (including the Blueberry Thicket Trail) back towards the Lower Lake. Once at the Lower Lake, turn left still following your path there, across the levee, back to the road, up the gravel road. Once you come off the gravel road near the office, you will head straight across to the bridge (watch for traffic!) to the Start/Finish line. 

Click here for the course map