This race is reformatted from a one day race to a flexible month long event so that runners can enjoy and support our beautiful state park and enjoy a race. Social distancing guidelines apply. Please do not run with any other groups other than who you came with. Please maintain a six foot distance from others in the park.  Trails will be open to the public and can see heavier use on the weekends. Early this spring, Sloppy Floyd State Park reached capacity several times. In the event that you are traveling to run the Twisted Ankle Trail Race, please call ahead to check on park capacity.

Important things to know about the 2020 Twisted Ankle Trail Race

  • There will be NO aid stations and NO volunteers on the course. You are responsible for providing your own hydration and fuel needs. It is highly recommended that you carry a phone with you. 

  • Course markers will be checked several times per week throughout the month of September. However, we cannot guarantee that they will not be tampered with. This is why we recommend that you carry a detailed course map with you. You will find the link on the course description to download, or you may pick one up from the park office. 

  • There is a $5 parking fee at the State Park if you do not have a Friends of the Park Membership pass. You should get one of those anyway. 

  • Goodie bags or finisher medals will not be mailed. You must pick them up during park office hours. 

  • You must attempt your chosen distance and run it all at one time. You may not run 5 miles of the 10-miler one day, then 5 the next day. But, you can come back as many times as you would like to better your last time!

  • Do not litter! Ever!

  • Have fun! 

  • We did not solicit our awesome sponsors this year out of respect for difficult times experienced by everyone. Please continue to support their businesses, they will bring you another incredible event next year! 

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